Consulting Services

Most businesses are unique and while there are many commercial products available that try to accomodate your business, you might need some customization or an entirely customized application to support your business needs. This is where we come in, we examine your business needs and goals, and suggest a custom solution that enhances your business process.

We have a team of senior consultants in a wide variaty of expertise, from programming skills in cloud, AI, web development, windows applications, app development, networking, infrastructure, servers, and more. Visit our online page for more details on our web development, hosting, increase traffic, and other services.

From big business to small stores we make sure your business needs are met, contact us today for a free no obligation consultation to see how we can help grow your business with a little IT help..

Why choose us...

We have worked in the IT industry developing solutions, products, websites, generating traffic, apps, and more in a wide variety of businesses. From large metal productions companies and real estate boards, to medium size businesses like mortgage brokerages and business consultants, to small businesses like spas and photographers.

Real Estate and Legal

We designed many form applications for automating Microsoft Word documents like real estate and legal forms, worked directly with real esate agencies, law firms, and boards.

We took generating a complex document down from 20 minutes to seconds with a custom application and client database data injection, now real estate agents and lawyers can process legal documents in seconds, keep track of cases and clients, and more. With this increase in productivity they have also increased their ability to process more business and therefore increase revenue.

Delivery Website and App

We created a full end to end solution for a new start-up company for product delivery, with support for drivers, client database, delivery tracking, orders, invoice automation, SMS message notifications, custom iOS and Android apps, responsive website support, and more.

The whole process is similar to Uber Eats but generic to support what ever product they wish to sell and deliver.

While these are just to name a few of our projects, it shows our wide background in terms of delivering a solution in any business environment. So you can feel confident that what ever your business needs to thrive and grow we can help you along the way to meet and exceed your goals. For a free no obligation consultation please contact us today.