Understanding Pricing

We like to be transparent when it comes to how pricing works, we listen to what you expect and never sell you what you don't need. Every business is unique in terms of what product or service they offer, what target audience they want to attract, how in depth they want to go with their company or online precense.. We have packages for small website projects, for larger projects we will need to discuss with you and deliver a custom quote.

Website and Online...

We know a good online precense is what every business needs, and first impressions are the most important. You need to grab someones attention with your website within 3-5 seconds or you've lost them as a customer. Wether you are a small business who just needs to get online or a medium to large company who needs a complex website we have you covered.

If you just need a simple few pages we have a $499 starter package which includes your domain registration, website design, hosting, mobile support website, SSL encryption, and email accounts. If you require more of an e-commerce website we can go with a typical wordpress template with shopify for sales or get more professional with a custom website and having the ability to register your users, newsletter for your customers, stripe for accepting payments, and many more features.

Now that you have a website, how will people find you? SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the term used on how google determines if your website has relevant content. Many factors determine this, from social media exposure, proper banklinks from targeted keywords, directory listings, and if you are local then proper map submissions like google places, and more.

When it comes to SEO you want to make sure you are doing the right SEO, if you grow too fast, get backlinks on bad websites, then you may do more harm than good to your traffic. We have different packages for SEO services to grow your business the right way.

To get started on your project contact us today and let us know more about your business and your goals.

Consulting and Development...

Consulting, development, migration, and more is usually done on a project by project basis or managed IT support. Typical hourly rates are usually $100 to $150 per hour depending on the technology skills required for the job, but if we went on a project basis it might take us 7 hours to complete your project yet only charge $500 for the contract. To get an idea of how much your project will cost please contact us for a no obligation quote.